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A Quick Guide to Accounting Software for Small Businesses

16 Sep

With rapid technological advancement, the days of thick ledgers are nothing but gone. Almost every start-up today begins operations with at least a basic accounting software before outsourcing their bookkeeping entirely. The benefits of accounting software [1]are endless while most of these tools are easy to procure and hassle free to use. Preferred by almost every business head today, these tools are a great way for cost cutting and accurate management of funds for small business owners [2] The Benefits of Accounting software It’s certainly not easy to pick up the best accounting software with so many highly acclaimed choices available ...Read More

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What’s the Importance of Accounting Software for Your Bookkeeping

13 Sep

Transforming a start-up into a successful enterprise is a formidable task: it not only requires calculated risk taking and visionary charting of growth plans from business owners, but also needs intelligent management of funds. Many start-ups fail within first few years of functioning for reasons particularly related to finance mismanagement. [1] Importance of Accounting Software for Your Bookkeeping Management of funds is one crucial aspect of any business, be it a start-up or an age old thriving enterprise; failure at it results in major setbacks. Majority of our clients have qualms about managing their accounting digitally while many of them are actually ...Read More

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Top 7 Bookkeeping Mistakes

5 Sep

At Bookkeeping Monster, we counsel several grumbling business owners who complain endlessly about how flawed their bookkeeping went and what havocs it rendered to their business. Bookkeeping is a nightmare for most small business start-ups, and those of you, who believe of doing it right, in reality, are yet to nail it. [1] Top 7 Bookkeeping Mistakes To understand the importance of bookkeeping for any business, answer this question: why two fourth of all small business start-ups fail within first few years of operations? Poor financial management and miscalculation of funds are top reasons behind early operational hiccups leading to business failures. ...Read More

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Payroll Taxes – An overview

1 Sep

To put it simply, payroll tax is your liability to state on the salary you pay to your employees. You are liable to pay this tax only when you cross a fixed threshold that may differ per state. It’s tough for most business owners to keep a check of payroll tax, as they tend to creep up, often, when you are not expecting it least. [1] Payroll Taxes An Overview   What Are My Obligations? Not only gross wages but superannuation, incentives and commissions along with benefits and allowances fall under payroll tax. Generally payable on a monthly basis, you have to comply with ...Read More

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Are You Adding Value to Your Bookkeeping? – A Few Measures to Success for Small Business Startups

20 Aug

Sit back for a moment and consider the benefits of carefully kept books for your business, no matter how small it is. Record of every dime that you make, better understanding of your sales structure, fewer troubles with the tax department, along with a great many perks are what lie in store for you. [1] Bookkeeping Tips For Small businesses Most of our clients often complain about how tiresome their bookkeeping gets, while a few think it’s not worth their time and efforts. Up to date financial records is a trailblazing way towards better exponential growth, while ensuring absolute peace of mind. ...Read More

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