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What’s Wrong With Your Financial Report Analysis?

28 Sep

Most of small business owners are still trying to get hold of financial report analyses. I receive hundreds of questions every month about the benefits of financial reports and the right way to scrutinize financial reports. I try to keep it simple, but the clients complicate things in their heads. Yes, most small business owners complicate basics about analyzing financial reports and screw it up altogether [1]  Financial Report Analysis   Financial reports are indeed the best tools for reviewing the health and financial position of any business; however they are also ideal for projecting and planning growth cycles and investment plans. These ...Read More

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What are the basics steps in Outsourced Bookkeeping?

20 Sep

Bookkeeping is a cyclic process, primarily because it follows a timeline and certain steps in a circular workflow. There are several layers to bookkeeping and the process goes through various stages. While performing these simple bookkeeping tasks, business owners must take utmost care and complete them vigilantly and ingeniously. [1] The Basic Steps In Outsourcing Bookkeeping. If you want to add value to your bookkeeping [2], which you should, you must always be on your toes and follow the basics very keenly; it is a tough and intricate job, and also one of the most pivotal aspects behind the success of any ...Read More

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