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    What Are The Benefits Of Financial Report

    30 Sep

    While keeping your books, bookkeepers prepare financial statements as per the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Financial statements are summaries of business transactions of any enterprise for an accounting period. Financial reporting can be described as the analyses of different type of financial statements [1] to find lapses and strengths in an accounting period. [2] Benefits Of Financial Reporting Being pivotal for the health of a business for several reasons, financial reporting is a deciding factor behind the success or failure of any business. It is a useful tool that enables business owners to take visionary decisions and address lapses in specific ...Read More

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    What’s Wrong With Your Financial Report Analysis?

    28 Sep

    Most of small business owners are still trying to get hold of financial report analyses. I receive hundreds of questions every month about the benefits of financial reports and the right way to scrutinize financial reports. I try to keep it simple, but the clients complicate things in their heads. Yes, most small business owners complicate basics about analyzing financial reports and screw it up altogether [1]  Financial Report Analysis   Financial reports are indeed the best tools for reviewing the health and financial position of any business; however they are also ideal for projecting and planning growth cycles and investment plans. These ...Read More

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    What Are The Different Types of Financial Statements?

    22 Sep

    Financial statements are of out-most importance for the success of any business. It is the formal record of all financial activities of a business organization. These reports help business owners to identify the performance and financial strengths of their company. [1] Different Types Of Financial Report Given the fact that financial reports reflect the financial status of a company and help in charting out future plans for a budding enterprise, there significance for small business owners is paramount. Most business owners generally overlook the benefits of financial statements, but these reports can make a difference between failure and success of any business. For ...Read More

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