Overview of Outsourced Payroll Services

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    Payroll Taxes – An overview

    1 Sep

    To put it simply, payroll tax is your liability to state on the salary you pay to your employees. You are liable to pay this tax only when you cross a fixed threshold that may differ per state. It’s tough for most business owners to keep a check of payroll tax, as they tend to creep up, often, when you are not expecting it least. [1] Payroll Taxes An Overview   What Are My Obligations? Not only gross wages but superannuation, incentives and commissions along with benefits and allowances fall under payroll tax. Generally payable on a monthly basis, you have to comply with ...Read More

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    How to Know the Correct Time to Outsource Payroll Services?

    27 Nov

    Every business owner has a horde of work to accomplish [1] on daily basis. Outsourcing payroll services results in saving a lot of time and money for a business owner. The responsibilities covered under Outsourcing payroll services include preparing salary checks, handling employee and company tax issues, preparing and filing quarterly reports, state disability and unemployment issues, issuing statements at year-end and paying withhold to various private and government agencies. If you are looking forward to outsourcing payroll services, you need to consider following tips: Explore The Options: Look at the various options available for outsourcing payroll services. Don’t ...Read More

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