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What Makes Cloud Accounting Software Best?

3 Mar

Cloud accounting [1] can also be called online accounting, and this is where accounting functions are performed on the Internet. Businesses that embrace cloud computing or cloud accounting Software are able to give their employees access to the data and information they need in any location there are. Cloud accounting software can also be accessed on multiple devices such as desktops, smartphones and tablets. [2] What Makes Cloud Accounting Software Best ? It is important to mention that cloud accounting software is not any different from the software installed on a local machine that employees use in the office. The only major ...Read More

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Importance Of Free Cash Flow For Small Business

3 Mar

Cash identifies the well being of a small business [1]. It is very crucial to manage cash when cash comes in and how it goes out. Excess expenses or delay in receiving payment from client can place the business in an onerous situation. What every businessmen strives to achieve is cash! [2] Importance of free Cash Flow for Small Business Cash Flow vs Free Cash Flow Revenue and expense that alters the cash account refers to Cash Flow [3]. Cash Flow arises from three activities i.e., financing, operating and investing. [4] Cash Flow vs Free Cash Flow Free cash is calculated as Operating cash flow ...Read More

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7 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use XERO Accounting App

25 Feb

Running a small business has many a times been associated with trying to keep track of long excel sheets that don’t balance or trying to understand the intricacies of QuickBooks [1]. This should not be the case especially with cloud-based accounting service, Xero, only a touch of a button away for a guaranteed, accurate online accounting practice from anywhere. [2] 7 reasons small business should be xero accounting app Over the years, Xero has added new features to its cloud-based accounting platform aimed at ensuring small business owners enjoy the smoothest of rides while managing their businesses. Therefore, these features are the reasons ...Read More

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Top Accounting Trends For Small Medium Businesses in 2015

19 Feb

The success of any small business will most of the time come down to how best the business adapts and integrates modern accounting practices and trends. The willingness and ability of accountants to take advantage of these trends will many a times be a requisite for the survival of any business in its infancy. [1] Accounting Trends for Small Businesses in 2015 There will always be ample opportunities that accounting firms and departments can utilize to boost productivity, as well as profitability of any growing business. Upcoming businesses are always prone to meager earnings and how well owners and accountants manage these ...Read More

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7 Street Smart Financial Tips For Startups

22 Jan

Every entrepreneur has to struggle with scarce financial resources to keep his/her Startup alive. There’s always a thin line between loss and profit making it even more difficult to sustain and grow. In this dynamic business environment, you’ve to be street smart to make the cut and manage your finances intelligently. [1] 7 Street Smart Financial Tips For Startups Let’s not fear, because you’re not alone. You can manage your financial easily maybe boost it by religiously following intelligent financial tips and regime. I’ve compiled seven financial tips that you can follow to save on cost, and increase profit. These tips are easy to follow. ...Read More

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