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Quickbooks Online – India Presence

30 Nov

Quickbooks is one of the leading accounting platforms primarily serving markets of USA – UK and Australia. Quickbooks offers both desktop version and online version for businesses to manage their finances and accounting. Quickbooks has a strong hold in the US market and is also increasingly being considered as an accepted vendor for other countries including UK, Australia and Canada. [1] Quick Book Online India Presence Quickbooks offer a highly versatile and flexible option for business stakeholders to ensure the finances are managed in the best ways and acceptable by the GAAPs applicable for a country. Quickbooks has recently launched its online ...Read More

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Accounting and Bookkeeping in XERO for Small Businesses

26 Nov

XERO is an online accounting platform and is gaining huge acceptance in all countries including New Zealand, Australia, UK, US and Canada for accounting and bookkeeping of small and medium sized businesses. [1] Accounting And Bookkeeping in Xero for Small Business The key reasons which may have played major role in making XERO a huge success is the ease of use, access flexibility (being an online platform) and the support team. Today, when the world is moving towards increased connectivity in all aspects of business verticals and cost cutting being a thrust for all business owners, there is no reason why off-shoring would ...Read More

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