Debra White,DWBC, UK

Bookkeeping Monster has been a pleasure to work with. We have been impressed by their communication style, which is always courteous and professional, as well as the frequency and content, letting us know in advance when they’ll be unavailable, for example.
We’re delighted with the thoroughness of Madhu’s team work, as well as their input in deciding how to handle certain aspects of the accounts, and are already in discussion about further projects.

Domenica,Start-Up, Germany

The team has not only expertise in accounting but also in business administration. They worked very proactive and found weakness in my finacial planning I myself overlooked. Just the right help for start-ups. Will hire them again for the accounting role.

Software Company, Canada, [Company name Available on Request]

Bookkeeping monster has provided us with the same and usually better quality bookkeeping services than any companies that are local and charging up to 10x the price per hour. Madhu and her team are professionals that understand complicated financial systems and the importance of an efficient operation and process. They are the secret to our highly organized and up-to-date books that make us the envy of other software companies in our industry and locality.